The Canadian Guide to Buying US Stocks

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faang vs vgro 2020

Why The US Stock Market Something that becomes obvious once a Canadian gets familiar with investing in the stock market is how nearly all the high-growth, disruptive tech companies worth investing in are not in Canada, they’re in the US. And Canadian investors who invest in them typically only do so through diversified index funds. […]

It’s Not Shit, It’s Manure

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Manure Happens

Learning things is hard. And things only seem to get harder as I age. And it’s not just that learning a new thing is hard, it’s that as a healthy, evolving human, I need to always learn new things. Always try to grow in any way I can. This absolutely means always failing, always fucking […]

Why Canada Is Broken And How To Fix It

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nobody countries

We can stop the ‘enlightened country’ act. Canada has serious skeletons in her closet that we gotta clear out.  Compared to most, Canada is still a very well-run country. And as a country mostly composed of immigrants, Canada is uniquely positioned to up its game in a world growing increasingly authoritarian and divided. We have […]

Why Savings Accounts Are For Chumps

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Banks quartering your bank account

Tradition is just peer pressure from the dead. And the tradition of keeping money in a savings account, even a high interest one, needs to stop. There are 2 main reasons why savings accounts are a bad idea. Money in The Bank or Money for the Bank? The first reason savings accounts are a bad […]

15 Stocks to Buy During the Apocalypse

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Fake horsemen of the financial apocalypse

A new virus is quickly spreading around the world, hospitals everywhere are overrun with sick people, doctors and nurses can’t keep up. The stock markets have tanked 30%, millions of newly unemployed people need help, governments are borrowing trillions of dollars to help ease the burden. Everyone is self-isolating and wearing masks and gloves when […]

The Importance Of Life Goals

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The importance of life goals

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. So said Dwight D. Eisenhower. And just like having plans, having goals is similar in that you might not ever reach all your goals, but just having them is indispensable. The reason is because goals give you a purpose. […]

How To Find Love On The Internet

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How to find love on the internet

The internet has completely changed the world of marketing. before Google, companies would pay billions of dollars a year to TV, radio, and print advertisers. Back then, there was no sure way to know who saw your ads, or how effective they were. Often times, the best you can do is spend a lot of […]

5 Important Things Video Games Taught Me

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5 lessons video games taught me

If it’s true that you need to spend 10 000 hours before you can become an expert at something, I am a legitimate video game expert. It’s easy to say that I’ve wasted 10 000 hours of my life because I have nothing to show for all that time. But when the average American watches […]

Building Things Makes Me Happy

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Discovering the secret to happiness was kind of underwhelming. It was in 2006, I just finished programming my first full-fledged side-scrolling action shooter video game, Calypso. I was so proud of myself. It took almost a year to make the game. I was working 12 hours a day on average. On a couple occasions I […]

Lessons Learned Raising $75 540 on Kickstarter

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It’s funny how the strangest things set off huge ripples that shake up our lives. I experienced this recently with a bi-annual trip to a local discount store to replenish my sorry-looking supply of socks and underwear. I never used to put much thought into my socks or underwear. Especially as a married man, my […]